about me

Life is a journey and I definitely see it as such.


My journey so far led me through a world-trip, which fueled my curiosity for “the new and unknown” and strengthened my ability to come up with alternative ways to solve problems. It continued with an insight in the studies of art history followed by studies in fine-art and English on teacher training. During that time, I was working for the Sommerakademie der bildenden Künste Neuburg an der Donau as a lecturer of the children’s and youth department.


Still curious, I did not follow the obvious path, namely becoming a teacher, but started to work for Red Bull Culture Marketing Austria instead. Through the job design I could combine my deep love for art and music with project management and the conception of strategies with a human centred approach. Defining explicit marketing goals and coming up with strategies to achieve those, I lead through projects like RBMA Junge Roemer* or a RBMA Beyond the Noise** at Parallel Vienna.


My journey continues and is all about creating meaningful projects and sustainable strategies in order to create memories that are there to last.

If you think, we are a match I’d love to hear from you.